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I believe in empowering the essence of every business, their people. I help solve performance problems that businesses know they have but often don’t have the bandwidth to measure, transform, develop and solve.


Key to effective business performance and leadership is this question: on the balance sheet of ‘human working capital’, how do we make the bottom line profitable? All businesses contend with this question.


Did you know that, according to Gallup, less than 20% of people are highly engaged, the rest are disengaged or highly disengaged? To activate the remaining 80%, the answer lies in the rigorous adoption of evidence-based leadership and people development in a strategic setting.


The most effective change agents catalyse performance while removing their dependency quickly, this is our role.


First, we help you uncover the opportunities in your human capital framework. Then we provide expert diagnosis and the roadmap and catalyst for every person in your business. You are then empowered to develop and measure the potential, progress and effectiveness of every employee, on an ongoing basis supported by enabling technology.


As an Executive Director and Specialist Generalist of successful listed and privately owned companies, I have been immersed in the challenge of leading growing businesses. You no longer are able to have coffee chats with everyone, yet you want to help your team and support their personal development because that makes the business thrive.


From within this position, we cannot solve the challenges with the same thinking that caused them.


I lived the journey of a merged company that struggled to integrate. As a best of breed consulting firm making major inroads into corporate social responsibility, all the value was in the people … and the culture, the operating system of the business, and our resultant strategy clashed significantly impacting shareholder value. Notably every employee was a shareholder.


This shaped my why – to find sustainable, solutions in empowering and unearthing the value in every person in the organisation, with a demonstrable ROI.


In your organisation, we create measurable and sustained improvement across key areas:


– Advisory Board
– Culture and adaptability
– Higher engagement
– Leadership development
– Talent development
– Managers as coaches capability
– Recruitment diagnostics
– Sustainability and CSR
– Conflict resolution
– Sales and Operations cohesion


How do we do that? Let’s start with a conversation.


DM me or reach out on bill.mclellan@whcubed.com.au or 0407337703

Why Cubed

Understanding how people tick quicker is the fastest way to create an exceptional outcome. Why Cubed, led by Bill McLellan, is committed to creating those insights that ensure business owners make an impact on their own future and that of their people.


Bill has learned first hand how to lead, grow and advise corporate sales, operational and leadership teams of up to 60 and he has wide ranging directorial and military experience. Globally he also has a strong interest in a sustainable future for the planet.


Why Cubed provides support to your people to ensure that continuous personal and professional upskilling is made possible and manageable across your entire company.

NextTech Transformation Forum

The NextTech Transformation Forum is about Ideas, Innovation, Technology, The 4th Revolution, and The Future of Work. This Forum is made up of professionals focused on transformation who meet monthly to learn from each other, contribute, and collaborate in order to help our clients – and each other – grow.

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Bill McLellan​
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Integrating your physical, virtual and hybrid efforts at work (and home) can be wonderfully liberating and a learning experience. Please message me below if you’d like to join this upcoming event with Emma Sidney as a VIP Guest. #bbg #whycubed
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