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I’m a curious, interpersonal, pragmatic sales director and team leader. Throughout my sales and marketing career, the business development initiatives and other strategic planning I’ve undertaken has been forward-thinking, needs-attuned and customer-centric. I thrive on stimulating brand awareness and sales revenue growth via tailored offerings founded on collaborative stakeholder engagement – including with clients, third parties and fellow team members. I’ve often stood out as the sales director that strategically overcomes and reverses underperforming sales and marketing results and/or relationships.


Taking the time to understand the target consumer’s buying journey, to develop sales and marketing strategy that meets their expectations and the business’s core objectives, some of my MAIN STRENGTHS & AREAS OF EXPERTISE are:

>>analytical reporting (incl forecasts)
>>technical advancements (incl. CRM)
>>commercial contracts (incl negotiations)
>>training forums (incl on core sales skills)
>>team building (incl right-fit recruitment)
>>brand awareness (incl new markets)
>>client relations (incl value-add services)
>>up & cross-selling (incl in large businesses)


A highly-experienced sales director that effectively combines practicality with originality in sales and marketing strategy, some of my MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS are:


>> Steadily increasing brand awareness and sales revenue growth, including in highly competitive markets and during economic downturns
>> Establishing ‘preferred provider’ sales and marketing relationships with key clients, often leading to additional opportunities
>> Facilitating positive sales and marketing and business development activity, using hands-on team leadership to foster enthusiasm
>> Delivering benchmark strategic planning including fresh sales and marketing and customer service initiatives that set us apart

Actevate Pty Ltd

Proudly Australian owned and Independently operated since 2006.


Welcome to Actevate. If you’ve just landed here and want to know a little more about who we are and what we do, then read on. We are passionate about shifting perspectives on health, wellbeing and recovery in workplaces. We know that your arrival here means you are hoping to make sense of a complex picture. My commitment to you is to help you find the pieces of the pattern that help you deal with change, accept the challenges and to make better choices. We believe that building resilient workforces is about recognising the elements that create complexity in your workplace to both challenge and develop new positive beliefs that drive innovation. I believe that we can help you identify these workplace challenges and facilitate change for you, your team and our working communities. We know that early intervention and prevention dramatically improves health outcomes. It is clear that keeping individuals healthy, preventing progression of chronic diseases and intervening to solve problems before they have a lifelong impact leads to healthier and more productive working communities.


Looking back at it now, my philosophy hasn’t changed but what has happened is I have become more determined to help solve some of the more pressing health challenges in our workplaces.


In an industry that needs durable results quickly, Actevate adopts a strength-based approach – coaching and educating to support and guide leading scheme agents, employers and workers toward swift and sustainable recovery.


Did you know that despite improved rates of detection and development of increasingly effective interventions, mental illness continues to be one of the most rapidly growing causes of long-term sickness absence and labour market exclusion across developed countries?


What is encouraging to see is the change in awareness with respect to mental health and how it impacts our workplace functioning. The advent of change in our awareness about mental health has created new terms such as presenteeism and resilience. Whilst these new terms strive to carve out a new dialogue that explores the productivity frontier in our workplaces, what hasn’t changed is the need for us as individuals to become more aware of our own internal well of resilience fostered by a curiosity and thirst for learning, adapting and being the best that we can be as members of an ever-changing workplace community.


Robert Migliore

Founder and Director

NextTech Transformation Forum

The NextTech Transformation Forum is about Ideas, Innovation, Technology, The 4th Revolution, and The Future of Work. This Forum is made up of professionals focused on transformation who meet monthly to learn from each other, contribute, and collaborate in order to help our clients – and each other – grow.

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