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What Would Happen For Your Company If You Could SAVE 50-80% OFF Your Phone Bill, With A FREE 1 MONTH TRIAL?


At the 3SIP Services we offer you a “NO LOSS, NO RISK” proposition on your telecom services…
Try us out for 1 Month on a FREE TRIAL (Excluding call costs).


– Our VoIP Cloud based solution is ideal for your small/medium business…no need to invest dollars in hardware.
– We provide a PBX system at an affordable rate with up to 50% reduction on your current phone bills.
– We have a Cloud based PBX solution with VoIP lines.
– Our vPBX solution is safe, secure and reliable ensuring peace of mind.


Cloud based PBX has become vitally important in recent years as the preferred way of making voice calls across the internet.


PBX and SIP are rapidly growing in popularity as millions of businesses seek to reduce their telephone bills by substituting their PSTN or ISDN services with lower call costs.


We are using the 3CX Phone System, which is a software based PBX – without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX. Used by more than 30,000 companies globally, 3CX has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology.


– No need for extensive telecom knowledge or training.
– Open Standards; Vendor independent.
– Central Control from the 3CX Management Console.
– Choose from popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways, SIP Trunk.


Our process has been repeatedly tested and proven in companies of all sizes – regardless of sector, services or carrier. We save your profits from going down the drain.


Contact me today to learn about all of the features we can customize for you, and secure a FREE 1 MONTH TRIAL!


Orhan Guzel | orhan@igd.com.au | 0408 463 667 | https://3SIP.Services |


Our goals are to provide our Clients with Safe, Secure, Reliable solutions Ensuring their Peace of Mind.




Our values set the foundation by which we strive to make a difference in our customer’s professional lives.


Our principles are created based on the needs and goals of our Clients by our people. They mold our proficiency and the way in which we:


  • Make valued decisions and choices
  • Ensure our customers achieve a high degree of business success through technology
  • Create an environment where our people are inspired to think innovation and seek personal and career development.

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