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Meet Geoff Hirsh

Co-Founder and CEO of The Business Builders Group (BBG)

Geoff Hirsh builds businesses.

Geoff is a business strategist who spent the first 10 years of his career in sales and marketing management with Cadbury Schweppes and Duracell and the next 25 developing and implementing integrated marketing solutions for large corporate and privately-owned businesses as the CEO of award-winning direct marketing agency, AdMail. Along the way, he observed that word-of-mouth was a key driver of business growth and joined a number of referral marketing groups to try and accelerate this process. As none of them adequately met his needs, he applied his mind to developing a community that would. Business Builders Group is the result. Today, in addition to guiding the development of BBG, Geoff is a Director of a national business consulting firm and an international technology firm dedicated to helping their clients grow by overcoming their business constraints.

Connect with Geoff

To enquire about Geoff’s BBG Forums, or for general inquiries, please email info@bbg.business.