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Speakers Forum

An opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of Australia’s leading corporate trainers, speakers, and business coaches.


A Collaborative Forum for professional speakers and coaches serving the corporate business market.

Membership of this Forum will be by invitation only and will be restricted to professionals with a commitment to excellence and a proven track record in supply of quality coaching and speaking services into the Corporate market

  • Target group size: 10 – 15 members
  • Initially convened on a national basis, with potential to split into State-based groups as membership grows

The Group will meet on a twice-monthly basis, as follows:

  • Once a month at a 2-hour public zoom forum attended by members and invited guests (Corporate Decision Makers)
  • Agenda will include a guest speaker (one of you – with content that is interesting and useful to members and guests), a think tank and a key learnings review.
  • The Forum will be promoted by BBG to our database and by members via LinkedIn and email to the existing clients and prospects
  • The objective is to have a minimum of 10 – 15 guests (i.e. potential clients) at each Forum
  • Providing you with the opportunity to meet and interact with prospective clients in a non-threatening environment.
  • Once a month at a “members only” forum
  • Forum will include KLT Hot Seat presentations by one or two members, problem solving and planning sessions (as required) and a key learnings implementation review based on the public forum guest speaker

Members are expected to derive a number of benefits as follows:

  1. Business process improvement
  1. Generation of warm introductions and referrals based on KLT
  1. Creation of a “virtual firm” of expert professionals (allowing members to “dance on a bigger stage”)
  1. Problem solving (virtual advisory board)
  1. Creation of and participation in a new centre of influence in the industry
  1. A refined lead nurturing process (cultivate your prospects by inviting them to a forum rather than nagging them to buy).

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: As a member of the NextTech Speakers’ Forum you will receive a number of additional benefits that are unique to this group, as follows:

  1. Added exposure and profile via the NextTech website
  1. Added exposure via speaking slots at 3 x BBG Forums per annum and promotion to the Forum invitation list
  1. Free attendance at a 1-day TSP Training event per annum

FURTHER INFO: geoff.hirsh@bbg.business or 0411 681 122






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Between them all, our speakers have decades of experience.

Adrienne McLean
Geoff Hirsh
Eric Tjoeng
Denise Archie
Lia Zalums
Judith-Rose Max
Karen Chaston
Gill Walker
Ivan Kaye
Les Watson

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