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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum

A monthly online forum hosted by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professionals. Each forum focuses on a current and/or leading edge topic(s) with thought leadership from national and international speakers. It is an interactive event that encourages participants to contribute thoughts and ideas via the chat, poll and break out room functions. The forum is wholeheartedly centred on making a positive and collaborative change in the world.


VISION: Chartering positive change and making a positive social impact by advancing authentic diversity, equity and inclusion

MISSION: Build a stronger community and transforming inequalities into opportunities.

Amplify voices and connection through collaboration.

Advance progress and success for all.

Create a meaningful difference.

Build awareness and open minds

Professionals committed to achieving our vision and mission wishing to ‘champion’ DEI through education and the amplification of stories and messages. Target group size is 12 – 15 members representing diverse communities including:

· Disability and Accessibility

· Gender


· Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

· Global Majority

TARGET AUDIENCE: Government Departments, Corporations, Small to Medium Enterprises and their employees

Executive Leaders, Business Owners, and people passionate about DEI

Meeting organisations and individuals where ‘they are at’ and helping them to:

· Understand and learn more about DEI through attending forums and listening to inspirational speakers share their stories

· Network and collaborate

· Plan, progress and achieve DEI initiatives

· Assess and identify their DEI requirements and meeting their needs providing consultation, training, frameworks, education, technology and other services.

Meet companies ‘where they’re at’ and help them:

§ Identify their biases (often allowing them to see something for the first time),

§ Through to providing mapping and framework structures for their ongoing, internal education.

· Religion and Belief

· Veterans

The Group meets 4 times a year for public events. These are 2½ hours.

And 1-2 times a month for members’ planning meetings. Typically, 1 hour each.

· There are 2½ hour public Zoom Forum attended by members and invited guests. It is possible these Forums will move off Zoom into face-to-face events (when circumstances permit).

· Each member is expected to invite their clients and prospective clients (from the SME and corporate world) to the Forums (where they see it will add value to them – this is a relationship building exercise, not a selling exercise).

· The agenda of each public Forum will include an expert, guest speaker with;

(i) content that is educational, impactful, and inspiring to members and guests,

(ii) a Think Tank and a (iii) key learnings review.

(iii) at times, it will include a panel of experts.

· Forums will be promoted by BBG to our database and by members via LinkedIn and email to their existing and potential clients.

· The objective is to have a minimum of 10 – 15 guests at each Forum.

· The BBG forums follow the mandate that business only happens when prospects “Know, Like & Trust” (KLT) you. The format of the Forums; the (i) Think Tank sessions and the (ii) key learnings review provides an opportunity for that to occur with the guests (prospective clients) in a non-threatening environment.

Members are expected to derive several benefits as follows:

1. Business process improvement. You get to scale-up in your personal and professional development.

2. Creation of a “virtual firm” of expert professionals (allowing members to “dance on a bigger stage”).

3. Problem solving (virtual advisory board).

4. Build your circle of influence in the industry.

5. A refined lead nurturing process (cultivate your prospects by inviting them to a forum rather than nagging them to buy).

Our public events have a high-level advocacy piece: Help Overcome Barriers

· Apathy – Lack of feeling or emotion

· Empathy – Not understanding

· Accountability – Not my problem

· Fear – I’m scared

Our public events are Business Enablers: We teach and show

§ Marketplace – Our customers and suppliers, what we do and why

§ Workplace – Where we work and work culture

§ Workforce – Who performs the work






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Between them all, our speakers have decades of experience.

Ivan Kaye
Mark Champley
Denise Archie
Martin Stark
Sam Webster
Scott Hoskin
Kala Philip
Peter Mousaferiadis
Anne-Marie Elias

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