BBG: Achieve your business growth objectives through collaboration and learning

Sydney Super Forum

As a guest at our monthly Business Forum, you will have the opportunity to network, learn, and collaborate with our BBG Members and their guests in a way that will help you overcome common business obstacles whilst getting to know the members of our dynamic BBG Community.


A Collaborative Forum for the owners and leaders of SME based in the Sydney CBD and Eastern suburbs.

Ideally suited to businesses:

  • Established >5 years
  • >$1 million annual turnover

Membership invitations will be extended to those with:

  • A proven track record for supplying quality products / services
  • A commitment to excellence
  • Who are hungry and ready for growth
  • Target group size: 20 members

The Group will meet on a monthly basis, as follows:

  • Every second month at a 2-hour Public Forum
  • Agenda will include an expert guest speaker, a think tank and a key learnings review.
  • Forum will be free for BBG members, their staff and invited guests
  • Providing members with the opportunity to meet and interact with guests (prospective clients) in a non-threatening environment
  • Every second month at a Members-Only Forum
  • Forum will include KLT Hot Seat presentations by one or more members, problem-solving and planning sessions (as required) and a key learnings implementation review based on key learnings from the prior month’s Public Forum

Members are expected to derive the following benefits:

  1. Business process improvement
  1. Generation of warm introductions and referrals as a natural consequence of developing KLT (Know Like and Trust)
  1. Creation of a virtual firm of complementary experts (allowing members to “dance on a bigger stage”)
  1. Problem solving (virtual advisory board)
  1. Creation of and participation in a centre of influence in the Sydney business community
  1. A refined lead nurturing process (cultivate your prospects by inviting them to a BBG forum rather than pushing them to buy).






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Between them all, our speakers have decades of experience.

Ivan Kaye
Judith-Rose Max​
Larry Dorfan
Laurence Adelman
Barbara Whitten
Kirsty Fox
Michael Wardlaw
Paul Pius
Pjero Mardesic
Toni Fitzgerald
Leon Fredkin
Alex Tees
Danny Vandine
Odile Faludi
Hassan Pharaon​
Ivan Schwartz
Tony Jacobson
Natalie Eisen Sassoon
Allen Pitman
Karen Tisdell
Roger Amir
Wayne Brightman
Orhan Guzel​

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