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Meet Ivan Kaye

Co-Founder of The Business Builder Group (BBG) and BSI

Ivan Kaye builds businesses.

Ivan is a Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur and Networker with a passion for helping individuals and companies grow and create wealth. In 1989 he founded Business Strategies International (BSI) to nurture innovative companies and assist them with Government Grants, Capital and Business Advisory. To which he added a Finance Business, a Recruitment Business and a Training Business to create the BSI Group. In 2013 Ivan started developing a referral app to assist the employees of his various companies to refer business to one another. The resultant app “Referron” is now a best-of-breed referral tool and a key component of the BBG referral marketing process.

Connect with Ivan

To enquire about Ivan BBG Forums, or for general inquiries, please email info@bbg.business