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Thu. 30 Sep 2021​

Mastermind Forum - Robotic Process Automation

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About this event

On 30 September Geoff Hirsh presents


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – don’t miss the boat!


In the last 5 years businesses around the world have deployed over 3 million “bots” to perform mundane, repetitive tasks that were previously performed by approx 15 million living, breathing people.


These tasks are now performed faster, better and cheaper.


  • Saving the businesses concerned time and money
  • Reducing risk and errors
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Increasing employee engagement


Over the next 5 years the deployment of bots (digital workers) is forecast to grow by over 10 times – revolutionising the way business is done and changing the competitive landscape for ever.


In his highly informative non-technical style Geoff Hirsh (CEO of award winning technology company, BGC Potenza) will explain:


  • Exactly what RPA is (and is not)
  • The sort of tasks RPA is best suited to
  • How your business can benefit from RPA
  • Where to start in your assessment of this technology


We encourage you to find out how RPA is set to change they way we do business.


Alternatively … you could wait until one of your competitors deploys RPA and find out the hard way.


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