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Wed,. 06 Oct 2021

NextTech Speakers Forum

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An opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of Australia’s leading corporate trainers, speakers and business coaches.

About this event

On 6 October Lia Zalums Presents


Adapt or Perish – 8 core leadership elements to survive and thrive in these uncertain times


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”


As leaders, CEO’s and business owners we know this to be true. The questions Lia Zalums hears from her clients and will answer in this highly topical session are:


WHAT exactly should I be doing differently now that the old pre-Covid ways are no longer working?


How do I future proof my business?


How do I future proof my role?


What does “good leadership” look like, now?


In her presentation Lia will focus on the leadership mindset attributes that over 100 academic peer-reviewed research publications indicate are the 8 factors that predict high performance leadership and high performance well-being.


These 8 factors make up the Mental Toughness Framework researched and developed by Professor Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk of AQR International in Manchester UK.


You will learn:


How to apply these 8 attributes to increase your psychological flexibility and adaptability


How that helps you BE a better leader


The exact steps to take to support yourself and your people to improve their mental and emotional agility … most of the time


Who is this for?


The burnt out CEO, Sales Directors, Consultants, Business Owners, HR Directors, L&D Leaders


Come and learn about professional development tools and strategies designed specifically to support us during extraordinary tough times.


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NextTech Speakers Forum

An outstanding knowledge share with the CEO whisperer - Lia Zalums - talking mental toughness, resilience and positivity

NextTech Speakers Forum

What a great #bbgforum - the Nexttech Speakers Forum - a selection of Australia’s best professional speakers serving the corporate business market