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Thu. 17 June 2021

NextTech Transformation Forum

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The NextTech Transformation Forum is about Ideas, Innovation, Technology, The 4th Revolution and The Future of Work.

About this event

Each month, Our BBG group hosts a Forum, where we have a Panel of Speakers, followed by a #bbgthinktank and the ‘unpacking’ of the #bbgthinktank.


The #bbgthinktank, comprises of smaller groups of 5-7 individuals where we will explore how we can implement the learnings from this panel into our own organisations. These insights will be ‘unpacked’ and discussed.


Our members are a group of business owners and leaders who have a common goal to connect, collaborate and contribute on a continuous basis to build a “cohesive community” through collaboration, learning and growth.


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NextTech Transformation Forum

Craig Saphin unpacking the #bbgthinktank on issues and strategies that can be implemented to handle unconscious bias when sourcing talent

#dei #diversityandinclusion #nexttech #bbgforum

NextTech Transformation Forum

How to inject #dei into your workplace …. Ivan Kaye getting carried away during Emma Sidney s unpacking of the #bbgthinktank

NextTech Transformation Forum

So many powerful themes spoken about at our #nexttechtransformation #bbgforum with Emma Sidney unpacking the #thinktank