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Thu. 30 Sep 2021

Sydney Super Forum

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Connect with us at our #bbgforum – “a collaborative journey to success” through learning , collaboration and growth.

About this event

If you are looking to survive in the “new normal” you need to make sure that you have a solid team of advocates that support you, and help you overcome the challenges that lay ahead.


BBG’s aim is to help you create this team through collaboration, learning and growth!


Our unique structure, best-of-breed tools and professional facilitation will help you upskill yourself, find new opportunities and build a team of informed advocates for your business.


We have amazing speakers who will present a “Keynote knowlegeshare” that will engage , enthuse and inspire you.


This will be followed by our “BBG Think Tank” session via a series of interactive break-out zoom group discussions.


As a guest at our monthly Business Forum you will have the opportunity to network, learn and collaborate with our BBG Members and their guests in a way that will help you overcome common business obstacles whilst getting to know the members of our dynamic BBG Community.


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Sydney Super Forum

A few takeouts from out #bbgforum last week (see link in comments below ) with Judith-Rose Max Rana Kordahi Tony Gattari and Odile Faludi

Sydney Super Forum

Gotta Love Judith-Rose Max members only - #klt Sessions with the members only - Sydney Super #bbgforum

Sydney Super Forum

How to fall in love with selling by Rana Kordahi Tony Gattari Odile Faludi and Judith-Rose Max