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I specialize in helping small business owners who are overloaded, or struggling to grow, to get more time, energy, and profits.


Is this you?
You are one of a special breed – a small business owner.
You love being your own boss, but you are working long hours, and constantly worrying about where the next sale is coming from. There’s the constant stress of feeling like you are on a never-ending treadmill of exhausting work for not enough reward.
Can you relate?


With my backslapping, butt-kicking, tender-loving support and practical guidance, your business can grow steadily, from strength to strength, from exhausting schedules to a healthy life-balance, from struggle to satisfaction.
Together we can make a change so profound that others will want to know how you can walk around looking like you don’t have a care in the world.
Is that even possible for a small business owner?


“There has been a phenomenal increase in my productivity: my business has exploded! The accountability is what has made the biggest difference to me.” Justine Martin


“I took Les on as a business coach this year and it’s been one of the best decisions. The things I didn’t know I needed to know and seeing the result of knowing and implementing these things have left me stunned at times.” Ainsley Hooper


“This is gold. Above this, Les is a wonderfully kind person with a great smile and sense of humour.” Marlou Teh


I have been a trainer, facilitator, and coach for over 35 years. I launched my own small business, Get More Time, helping companies and individuals to be more productive. While this was enormously satisfying, I found my heart went out to small business owners who were doing it alone, especially when they were also doing it tough.


That is why I distilled everything I have learned into what I call the ESI System. It’s tailor-made for that special breed of courageous go-getters, small business owners.


Want to know more?


Book a free strategy call here: https://calendly.com/getmoretime/strategy

Creating Success Coaching

Learn smarter, more effective ways to grow your business with greater ease, confidence, and enjoyment.


Helping business owners who are overloaded, or struggling to grow, to get more time, energy, and profits.


In Creating Success Coaching we tackle the things that sabotage you through a unique combination of fresh knowledge, active support, and practical steps. So you can create sustainable success in your small business.


Geelong Forum

A Collaborative Forum for the owners and leaders of Geelong-based SMEs.

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