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Transformation: How To Assess It So It Delivers Expected Outcomes

Topic Overview   You know that getting your company transformation right is essential for the future of its success. In some industries it is becoming a matter of survival.   However, research shows that less than 20% of transformations meet or exceed their goals. Change research indicates that only 50%

Nexttech Transformation Forum

Brandflow – predicting Brand Value

What happens to your brand value if
you change prices?
if you offer more product ?
if you provide a better service ?
if you decide to be predatory and to drop prices to kill competition?
If you increase your social currency
If you increase your followers
If you have support of influencers
If you change other levers?

Mastermind Forum – AI with Anthony Tockar

What a great #bbgforum “Masterminding” and “Thinktanking” #AI with Anthony Tockar and Geoff Hirsh, 21 Professionals , Doctors, Professors , Business Owners and Leaders