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Brandflow – predicting Brand Value

What happens to your brand value if you change prices? if you offer more product ? if you provide a better service ? if you decide to be predatory and to drop prices to kill competition? If you increase your social currency If you increase your followers If you have support of influencers If you change other levers?

Leading Australian researcher Brian Fine and David McCaughan (ex Mccanns) have developed a gamified model – called Brandflow – measuring attributes moving levers and predicting brand value based on  research .

What happens to your brand value  if you

  • change  prices?
  • offer more product ?
  • provide a better service ?
  • decide to be predatory and to drop prices to kill competition? 
  • increase your social currency 
  • increase your followers
  • have support of influencers 
  • change other levers?

As a venture capital investor – I am fascinated by “Brandflow” as a tool for insights directors , marketing directors and CFOs who would be able to use this tool to predict change in brand value  if you change  an attribute (price, promotion, customer service .

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