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Transformation: How To Assess It So It Delivers Expected Outcomes

Topic Overview


You know that getting your company transformation right is essential for the future of its success. In some industries it is becoming a matter of survival.


However, research shows that less than 20% of transformations meet or exceed their goals. Change research indicates that only 50% of ICT change is successful and culture transformation has a success rate of 19%.


The result is that the business becomes exhausted.


Board of directors hear about escalating costs and a diminishing return on investment. Executives lose their job for non-performance. Staff begin to resist change because it does not work anyway. And talented people leave in the hope to find more settled work. The transformation is derailing fast.


Why are transformations so challenging? 

What can leaders do to ensure the transformation does not derail? 

What are the symptoms and how can leaders look out for them?


Here is the video of the knowledge share.

Some of the main points discussed:


· The essential requirements to deliver a transformation into a company

· Why you must plan a transformation holistically to avoid derailment

· How culture influences a transformation

· How to assess and measure culture for transformation

· The blind spots of current assessments tools

About Claudia Perry Beltrame


Transformation has been part of Claudia’s personal and professional life. 


She started her career in interior design and soft furniture manufacturing where she learnt how to work with a blank room and talk with clients applying a design process. Claudia transformed into a knowledge worker with broad interests in business, culture, neuroscience, psychology, history, and climate science to name a few. 


The design process is still part of her transformation toolkit.


Claudia works with leaders to plan and manage their transformation and change holistically. She bring to this role 20 years’ experience in project management and working as change practitioner in coaching and facilitating change or transformation. This is complimented by 15 years’ experience in strategic planning and governance including holding board and executive roles.  Claudia’s experience spans seven industries working with boards, executives, middle managers, and customer facing staff.


Claudia has an MBA with Distinction and specialisations in change, governance, and ICT, as well as Coaching certifications in Conversational Intelligence and Cultural Transformation.


Having made the culture change from Switzerland to Australia, CLaudia and her husband have two sons in the beautiful Illawarra region and the lands of the Dharawal people.

The BBG ThinkTank


In every BBG Forum, the knowledge share is followed by the #bbgthinktank, where attendees break out into a group of 5-7 delegates and explore how they can implement the learnings into their organisation. Here are some of the insights that were unpacked and discussed during the session.

Mark Purbrick unpacking the ThinkTank:

– Understanding the required traits

– Don’t make things too complex

– You must recognise your alignment with the transformational values

– Methodology

– Measuring against the original objective measures

– Put the right people on the transformation team

Ayon Bhattacharyya unpacking the ThinkTank:

– Importance of cashflow

– Need to have a CEO or finance leader

– Changes should be made first at the leadership level going downward

Clive Smallman unpacking the ThinkTank:

– Change takes a period of time, transformation takes much longer

– It’s all about the leadership

– Communication is the key to change

– Building agility

– Push back is natural

– Work where the gaps are

Bill McLellan unpacking the ThinkTank:

– Transformation is a proven methodology

– How do we spread transformation?

– It’s hard at the beginning

– Less is more

– Slow down to speed up

– It does take time

– We all have wounds

– Let’s learn from the wounds

Chris Flavell unpacking the ThinkTank:

– Cashflow is fundamental

– Is the model a hierarchy?

– Matter of selecting elements that will fit in the organisations at various times

– What tools can be used to measure norms and values?

Key Insights

Here is Martin Conboy sharing his analogy between golf and transformation. Gold!

Claudia’s Closing Note

We would love if you can join our next forum. Click on the button below to know more about our upcoming events. Looking forward to learning, collaborating, and growing with you!

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