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Driving Disability Inclusion in the Workplace, Current Challenges and Future Aspirations

Around 1 in 5 (18%) people in Australia – or about 4.4 million have disability and 1 in 3 households (35.9%) in Australia has a person living with disability. This is also known as ‘disability prevalence’. Another 22% of people in Australia have a long-term health condition but no disability (ABS 2019a Oct 2020). ABS) 2019, 4430.0 – Disability Ageing and Carers Australia.

It’s widely agreed that the most valuable way to improve employment outcomes for people with disability is through innovative programs that help set them up for a lifetime of work. Internships, mentorships and employer-led recruitment strategies expose businesses to people with disability and give vital work experience to jobseekers.

Smart employers are becoming more Disability Confident and aware, improving their systems and technology and upskilling their teams.

Panellist Topics

1. Why is the Disability landscape not well understood?
2. What are the main barriers to (equitable) employment?
3. How do these barriers impact individuals, families, communities?
4. What needs to change to ensure access to meaningful and sustainable employment?
5. What are some of the employee retention strategies that work?

Watch the full forum playlist here.


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