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Your choices for Climate Action with Vint Cerf and Herman Gyr

Herman Gyr and Vint Cerf – Setting the Scene and identifying the choices we have to tackle the wicked problem of Global Climate Change

Tony Surtees Summarising the takeouts and sharing his views

Calculating Risk with Vint Cerf – some awesome insights articulated by Tony Surtees at our BBG with Vint Cerf ,  Herman Gyr, Ph.D.  , Ivan Kaye , and the members of the #BBGforum 

Some of the gems 💎 of Tony Surtees 

😎 The key takeouts 

💥Have an abundance mindset 

💥take action- innovate- pivot, fail – innovate and find solutions and 

💥implement them by taking action  to solve this wicked problem of climate change ! 

💥let’s learn from the actions that we as a species acted to create a vaccine for Covid

Most of us have received a #vaccine  against Covid . We were driven into action – and with world shattering #innovation  – we developed a  vaccine that prevented a potential disaster. 

🙏Let’s treat #climateaction  with the sense of importance that it deserves 

💎 We need to Commercialise and bring forward innovations that exist and continue to be developed – and treat climate action with the urgency that we treated the covid threat!

💎 We need to take action – cease upon solutions –  strive and drive  towards #optimistic  outcomes .

The internet and the Social media infrastructure – is a tool to enable vast numbers of people to engage in conversations (thanks vint cerf , #internet #google #tiktok #youtube and #instagram 

🌍 let’s use these tools to distribute solutions orientated sets of actions 

Leaders of organisations, institutions  and governments can follow the lead that social organisations and innovators direct 

🌏 How do we liberate the science that exists to potentially solve this wicked problem – and commercialise the solutions that already exist ?

😃 Social and behavioural economics play a big part in solving the climate issue 

😉We need to understand and take into account the realities of how people behave 

😁 we need to  identify and implement The Strategies  , Communications and Drive the innovations into applications that integrate into everyday life 

There is no one silver bullet – we need to take a comprehensive approach – and there will not be one solution .

We need to have strategies in place as we potentially have to enter one of the 3 doors!

Looking forward to playing an integral part in this “global climate action forum”

“There’s a song called “Reasons to be Cheerful” – by a punk singer – and I for one am optimistic about the future “ Tony Surtees

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