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Do you want all the parts in your organization to interconnect for maximum effect?


I am passionate about helping leaders transform and co-create future-fit organizations by solving your culture and transformation issues holistically. With leadership experience as CEO, non-executive director, program and change lead, consulting and coaching, I bring experiences working across 7 industries and professions.


I collaborate with people to ensure their culture becomes visible to ensure a transformation program is successful. Using my design brain and sytsems thinking, I untangles the interconnections of an organisation from strategy to governance to systems to culture and interpersonal issues. I show you how to get you started on your transformation or change journey taking your strengths with you into the future.


I am a capacity builder. I share my knowledge, tools, resources and methods openly with two aims: 1) to avoid long-term risks, and 2) to build the capabilities in your organisation so you can do it yourself.


I am a versatile professional with expertise and experiences as follows:


20+ years stakeholder engagement, creative and design thinking.
20+ years’ experience in project management and business improvements incluing assuring large-scale enterprise-wide programs.
15+ years in managing change management, culture transformation, governance and strategic planning.
15+ years of training, facilitating, mentoring, coaching, organising and managing people.
15 years of policy development and committee/ board management.
6 years organisational design and development including workforce planning, learning and development, communication strategies.
6 years managing a consulting and coaching business.


I compliment my professional journey with extensive personal and self-leadership development. I bring to these roles her values of fairness, vision, creativity, learning, and developing others.

Business Ecosystem Sync.

We solve your business challenges holistically.


Our services help you get synchornised across four levers: culture, systems and environment, individual behaviour and consciousness.We start our work by understanding the collective culture and the system to consciously develop your culture to ensure it is future fit. We help you:


Sync your culture with strategy, governance and individual influences to improve business performance and strategy achievement.


Sync your culture to support success of large-scale change and transformation.


Sync your culture with your supply and values chain to reduce negative impacts on people and planet.


You can tap into our Ecosystem Platform to assess, measure and monitor your culture. We are capacity builders so you can shape your future, your change and transformation efforts yourself.


Our tools are founded on 70 years of research in societal and human development, use evolutionary psychology, neuroscience and connect this with sound governance principles.

NextTech Transformation Forum

The NextTech Transformation Forum is about Ideas, Innovation, Technology, The 4th Revolution, and The Future of Work. This Forum is made up of professionals focused on transformation who meet monthly to learn from each other, contribute, and collaborate in order to help our clients – and each other – grow.

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