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Passionate, driven and motivated, my role is to help businesses solve real business problems through adoption of new approaches to cyber risk and cyber risk governance. My background includes telecommunication sales, digital software platforms (SaaS), outbound sales, brand development, business development, account management, leading workshops and seminars.


Having worked in the sales industry over the last 10 years, I’m keenly aware of the sheer number of moving parts in each organisation and how they impact customers, staff and stakeholders when things go wrong. My personal goal is to work with business directors, owners and executives to help define the narrative for cyber risk and drive value through cyber risk governance and management. My aim is to help organisations improve their cyber resilience and engage positively with cyber risk governance.


I am keen to talk to and connect with anyone who thinks their organisation might not have a firm handle on their cyber risk management and governance processes.


Contact me if you have any questions through LinkedIn msg or call me on 0272200111


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Specialties: Disruptive, Tech-Savvy, Multitasking, marketing, outbound and face to face sales engagement, channel development, cyber risk, SaaS platform strategy and telecommunications.


Cybercraft was founded in 2017 by Jeff, Farah, and Richard. Since then our team of 3 has grown to a team of 7. Cybercrafters are a diverse background of professionals from a variety of fields to provide the best secure digital solutions for businesses.


Innovate & Simplify

Our strongly innovative culture encourages people to develop novel and practical methods and approaches that improve digital engagement, cyber resilience and cyber risk management.


Ethical At All Times

In Cybercraft we believe that it is crucial to operate on an ethical foundation, so with all of our dealings, with clients and partners we stay ethical at all times.


Inspire Disruptive Thinking

We are industry thought leaders that help define the narrative on Business Resilience focused on governance and management, exploring new initiatives to help communicate issues and challenges.


Sustainable Philosophy

Cybercraft believes that it is important for businesses to be sustainable. This is about looking at a long term vision for Cybercraft to assist the economy, environment and society.

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