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Hendrik completed his undergraduate studies with physics as one of his majors. Like most physicists, he tries to find the inherent simplicity or leverage points in systems.


By directing activities to these leverage points the average employee and team become capable of delivering outstanding results. He has dedicated his career to enabling companies to achieve organisational renewal and breakthrough performance.


Apart from mining, Hendrik has extensive experience in manufacturing and construction and worked with industry leaders such as Sasol, Anglo American, John Holland, Qantas, CPB, Aurizon and Downer.  He also worked in technical and operations roles at director level in medium-sized companies. Later in his career, he became a business coach and and applied principles from the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Complexity to turn businesses around. He has a keen eye for leadership and can identify the real challenges of a business and the business environment and then bring powerful solutions to the table. Many of these ideas are captured in his book titled “Drawing a new map: Doing the right things well through strategic learning and strategic alignment”.


He has lectured on complexity, production flow in mining, productivity and leadership, been interviewed by mining publications and published numerous articles. Hendrik has an MSc Polymer Science(Cum Laude), MBA (distinction) Heriot Watt University and Mantoc certification in TOC.


At Stratflow, we find the inherent simplicity in complicated and pressured environments and then help our clients to deliver breakthrough results by focussing their effort on the few critical leverage points.


WORLDWIDE MINING PRODUCTIVITY IS DOWN BY 28% OVER THE LAST DECADE, according to a 2015 McKinsey Report. Ernest and Young recently interviewed more than 60 mining executives and identified the difficulty managers face in managing holistically as the cause. We need to manage interdepartmental coordination, (team) learning and enable effective leadership to achieve this.


HOW DO WE ADDRESS PRODUCTIVITY CONTRACTION before it strangles revenue and closes operations?
According to Systems Thinker Russel Ackoff, if you optimize a system, you will sub-optimize one or more components. On the other hand, if you optimize all the elements of a system, YOU WILL SUB-OPTIMIZE THE SYSTEM. Most interventions go wrong here.


For this reason, we developed the Productivity Platform.


The Productivity Platform helps mining operations to turn around declining productivity and profits. It does this by creating a change platform which enables cross-functional teams to emerge and to develop new behaviours. Established in Southern Africa, we are now extending our reach to mining sectors around the globe.


We enable managers and employees to turn around their businesses in as little as five months by:

🗹 changing mental models
🗹 improving leadership effectiveness
🗹 increasing employee engagement
🗹 helping staff and managers focus on critical leverage points
🗹 ensuring inter and intra-departmental alignment, coordination, and flow


Our results speak for themselves:


▃ ▅ ▇ 7-50% increase in PRODUCTIVITY
▇ ▅ ▃ Excellent TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE performance


In addition to my work as a consultant, I am also an author and public speaker available to speak on how modern management methods are revolutionizing the mining and manufacturing industries.

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