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Job success is determined by who you are, not by what you have done.


There is an unprecedented need for realignment in the workforce. If the fit between a person and the job and/or company is not right, no amount of training, pleading or ‘performance management’ can compensate for that. Both the employer and the job seeker suffer.


Through 25+ years of business, management and human resources experience, I help organizations re-think their entire approach to selecting, onboarding, focusing and engaging their only real source of competitive advantage: their people. I have helped clients such as Duke Energy, Bayer CropScience, Nissan and Foot Locker generate a return on investment of more than 300% in one year.


How? By leveraging unique leadership techniques as well as behavioral and hiring tools including TalentSorter and Jobtimize to:


Create awareness and focus on job fit
Build better people practices
Reduce turnover; and
Increase efficiencies.


For employers:


We have combined advanced behavioral research, human analytics and AI to develop cloud-based recruitment software solutions and HR tools, all backed by our intelligent ‘Job Fit’ model.


Our tools will help you:


➤ Attract the right people to work for your organization
➤ Improve employee engagement
➤ Boost productivity
➤ Find greater workplace success




For job seekers and those who help them find their perfect career:


Within one single integrated platform, our cutting-edge career fit technology will help individuals:


➤ Discover their Defining Traits, and how to use them to their advantage
➤ Learn which occupations are the best fit for them
➤ Connect directly with employers and open jobs in their ‘best fit’ occupations




If you or your team want to stop wasting time with hundreds of resumes or the wrong candidates, let’s chat.

FIt First Technologies

Our unique fit-based system helps your business attract and engage the RIGHT people. We teach our clients to focus first on fit, then to look at experience and credentials. Frankly, if the fit’s not right then nothing else matters because the employee won’t be able to fully apply the experience they’re bringing to the table.


FitFirstTech.com combines advanced research, behavioral modelling algorithms, machine learning, natural language processing, semantic ontologies, and pattern recognition technologies to develop custom cognitive computing solutions for a variety of applications. It is Ideal for predictive human analytics, recruitment behavioral science, recruitment AI, HR computing solutions, human resources technologies and recruitment technology.


The cause-and-effect relationship between fit, employee engagement, and business results is well documented by a mass of research over the last fifteen years. Learn more about our process and products on our website: www.FitFirstTechnologies.com

Climate Action Forum

The pulse: To create a generational legacy for our great grandchildren and leave the planet in a better way than we found it.


Mission: To build a community of Members (the choir) – who will get to klt (know like and trust ) each other over time – those who are passionate about climate action and want to make a difference – with a view to take people who are not in the choir to be inspired to take action – when it comes to to climate.


With hops (small steps), skips (medium steps) and jumps (great projects).

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