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I’m a content creator, a reporter/presenter, social media manager, and a compere for cooperate events with over 4 years of experience in reporting and presenting as well as video and audio productions.


I have anchored many events successfully for different corporate brands and NGOs, among others as a compere and moderator, and have achieved about 97% returning clientele. One of my strengths is my professional demeanor, the ability to improvise interesting talks, engage the audience and speakers irrespective of the area of practice or the technicality involved.


I’m passionate about telling compelling stories especially stories that spur one into taking an action. I’m obsessed with conducting interviews and creating contents that literally make jaws drop, I break down complex stories, and deliver them concisely, hence I started my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/lindaspacemedia


With the burning desire to change both individual and corporate digital brand presence, I founded Lindaspace Media (LSM). A digital media brand that focuses on video production, content creation, social media management, and marketing for private individuals and cooperates organizations.


Although with both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in International relations, I continue to create and foster relations and partnerships locally.


Specialties: Broadcast media, Presentation, Physical Corporate events’ Compere, Video coverage, Video, and audio productions, Managing and hosting Webinars.


If you would like to engage my services, please send an email to lindauruike@gmail.com

Brave Achievers

Brave Achievers is a non-profit organization that is tackling two major tech problems: Shortage of technical applications and product designers, and lack of racial and gender diversity in design tech.


What we do


We empower talented individuals especially women, with the crucial growth mindset and practical skills needed for global tech jobs: UX/UI Designers, Low Code Developers, Technical and Machine Learning Writers and Agile Project Managers. Our Bootcamps and training are designed to accelerate job-readiness for careers in technology.


Why we do it


At Brave Achievers, we know there are multi-talented people that are limited by opportunities, but possess raw talents, and are willing to devote all their energy to change the world. We’re constantly seeking ways to identify and train these talents, and create a pathway for them to take advantage of opportunities in the tech industry.


How we do it


We’ve created an all-inclusive pathway to get everyone involved in our organization: Learn at our Bootcamps – For everyone who is: Looking to start a career in tech and don’t know where or how to start. Already pursuing a career in tech and feel stuck or are yet to figure out the path to take. Brave Achievers is here to help you! From UX/UI Designers, Low Code Developers, Technical and Machine Learning Writers to Agile Project Managers, our bootcamps has got you covered.


Volunteer to train


We understand the need for quality and diversity in our bootcamps so we welcome volunteer UX/UI Designers, Agile Project Managers, Low and Machine Writers who are seeking to develop future tech talents. Make a difference – We are able to change lives because we have the support of hundreds of people committed to changing the course of the tech industry. The stories from current and former participants are truly inspiring. Not only is Brave Achievers launching new cohorts across the country and in Africa, but it’s also re-launching the lives of countless individuals.

Global Climate Action Forum

The pulse: To create a generational legacy for our great grandchildren and leave the planet in a better way than we found it.


Mission: To build a community of Members (the choir) – who will get to klt (know like and trust ) each other over time – those who are passionate about climate action and want to make a difference – with a view to take people who are not in the choir to be inspired to take action – when it comes to to climate.


With hops (small steps), skips (medium steps) and jumps (great projects).

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