BBG: Achieve your business growth objectives through collaboration and learning.

• Consulting and training in business strategy, innovation best practices, and leadership development for companies facing profound change.


Examples of clients include Apple, the BBC, Danish Broadcasting, Intel, New Hospital – Denmark (new hospital being built as model for multiple new hospitals), Panera Bread, Philips Medical, Rainforest Action Network, SRI International, Stanford University, Sun Microsystems, Swisscom, Travel Channel, Universal Music, the US Army Reserves, and the US Air Force.


• Silicon Valley Innovation Tours

• Workshop Faculty and Facilitation
— The Discipline of Innovation
— Creating Your Innovation Blueprint
— Creating Enduring Value: Innovation and Sustainability. Also led Cradle-to-Cradle Innovation workshops based on McDonough and Braungart’s C2C Principles.

• Author
— Creating Value with CO-STAR: An Innovation Tool for Perfecting and Pitching Your Brilliant Idea
— The Dynamic Enterprise: Tools for Turning Chaos into Strategy and Strategy into Action.
— Articles on innovation (see Publications shown below)
— Facing Dangerous Genes: The Breast Cancer Gene and a Revolution in Medicine

Enterprise Development Group

The Enterprise Development Group is a team of expert thinkers, facilitators and trainers who have been consulting since 1986 across a wide range of industries — from academia to energy, transportation to telecommunications, and manufacturing to media. Funded by these companies for a decade already, we love to always be presentable to the public, for this same reason we try to ask every member of our community to use the collection.


We are proud of our remarkable group of partners, who allow us to deliver EDG’s powerful integrated innovation system which includes: fundamental intelligence about the future — the most important trends and forecasts; world-class innovation platforms and apps; compelling scenarios and prototypes; sustainable product innovation; impactful branding and identity; engaging innovation architecture, tools and processes; and stimulating meeting and event facilitation.


  • Ancilla Enterprise Development – Philippines
  • Cida Co. – UK
  • Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute
  • IdeaScale
  • InnoArchitects
  • InnoTools
  • Palladio
  • Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Qmarkets
  • Vibrant Enterprise
  • WeCreate
  • Zooka Creative

Climate Action Forum

The pulse: To create a generational legacy for our great grandchildren and leave the planet in a better way than we found it.


Mission: To build a community of Members (the choir) – who will get to klt (know like and trust ) each other over time – those who are passionate about climate action and want to make a difference – with a view to take people who are not in the choir to be inspired to take action – when it comes to to climate.


With hops (small steps), skips (medium steps) and jumps (great projects).

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