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Our advanced people analytics assist management teams and HR professionals to dramatically improve:


– Employee Experience (EX)
– Employee Engagement
– Employee Productivity
– Sales Performance (without increasing head count)
– Leadership Capability (at all levels)


We achieve the above outcomes by:


1) Increasing the quality of job applicants by 3 to 6 times
2) 300% increase in the success rate of selecting future high performers (we can predict success)
3) Average 40% reduction in employee turnover and early failure rates
4) Providing hiring managers with Interview Reports that measure candidate “fit” to proven high performing talent
5) Providing Coaching Reports that offer coaching, mentoring and training suggestions to maximise employee engagement and performance levels
6) Leadership reports and surveys that develop leadership capability at all levels (not just the executive team)


For more information visit our websites (www.Peoplogica.com, www.PeoplogicaSkills.com, www.MultiRaterSurveys.com)


At Peoplogica our motto is “Love Your Work”​. We provide talent management solutions based on cutting edge behavioural science. We are partnered with globally-renowned Profiles International and provide solutions to assist clients to better attract, select, understand, develop and retain high-performers. Our approach is specific to YOUR organisation and TRIPLES the accuracy of assessing ‘fit’​ in your workplace. These solutions include:


• Developing Job Advertisements that attract genuine high-performers, not pretenders

• Skills Testing across a multitude of areas from soft skills to technical

• High-Performance Role Benchmarking – Identifying the critical success factors in your organisation’s most important roles

• JobFit Assessments – discerning whether people have what’s required, within them, to be successful in specific roles in your organisation

• Candidate Interviewing Guides which are based on the individual and your High-Performance Benchmark

• Employee Coaching/Management Reports

• 180° Performance Management Surveys

• 360° Leadership Development Surveys

• Leadership development programmes

• Culture development programmes

• Management/Employee Pulse Check Surveys

• Employee Surveys


Customer Surveys Our clients enjoy benefits such as:


• A 300% increase the success rate of selecting future top performers

• 46% average reduction in early failure rate

• 47% average reduction in employee turnover


In all cases where our JobFit assessments were used within sales teams, sales increased as a result All of the above solutions are customised to our clients’ requirements to ensure the greatest increase in engagement, performance, productivity, profitability and customer service levels

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The NextTech Transformation Forum is about Ideas, Innovation, Technology, The 4th Revolution, and The Future of Work. This Forum is made up of professionals focused on transformation who meet monthly to learn from each other, contribute, and collaborate in order to help our clients – and each other – grow.

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