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It seems folks now refer to me as ‘The Time Queen’. I know that causes a smile from bosses from earlier years who used to despair of my poor time keeping. Truly a case of teaching best what you need to know!


Maybe those past ‘learning opportunities’ are what helps me empathise and enjoy the wonderful people who read my books and articles, attend my speeches and training programmes, and log in to our various online resources.


Key Words and Signs To Trigger ‘You need Robyn!’



Too much to do

Work/life balance

‘I can’t take you to my office – it’s a tip!’

Cluttered offices

Slow to return emails and calls

Appear stressed

Poorly run meetings

Constantly interrupted with phone calls when in meetings

The wheels of their business appear to be falling off

Fast growing companies who’re going at such a pace they haven’t lately had time to check back on the basics.


Specialties: Time management and productivity; high-energy interactive keynote and break-out conference speaking; consulting on how to improve office efficiency; author of multiple books on productivity-related topics

Getting A Grip

People always ask me why I teach time management. Well, to put it simply, it’s because I used to be bad at it! Yes I can honestly say I’ve walked in your moccasins. And my path has taken some interesting turns… First I was a librarian, then a farmer’s wife and mother of six (including an intellectually handicapped foster son until he was 16). Following this I ended up a solo mother on government benefit…


After a few long years I decided to fight my way out of the poverty trap (dabbling in tourism along the way) and became a very successful real estate agent. Real estate taught me I had to learn better time management skills – or sink! To start with I was kicked out of meetings because I was late. PLUS: I burnt out numerous times from overwork and poor time habits. Frustrated with complaints about my lack of time management skills, a wise friend pointed me in the direction of a decent diary and a few key time management principles. Since then, through much study, trial and error, my once great weakness has transmuted into a major strength and an international business…


I reckon I’ve had the best possible background for running a time management business – I really do understand how it feels to be out of control! It’s a huge buzz these days helping others make the same changes to their life as they learn and practice the many simple and practical productivity habits that changed my life so dramatically. And these days I need all the great time skills I’ve learnt over the years! The family has now expanded to include 17 grandchildren, and then there’s all the fun things and people I enjoy hanging out with – sailing, kayaking, cycling, dancing, music, learning guitar, reading, writing, films, travel and heaps of wonderful friends and extended family. (Oh, and business of course!).

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Virtual teams: Can anyone help me with a recommendation for an excellent speaker, probably based in Auckland, who has experience of managing a virtual team. The team could be local, or offshore. Reason for my request: One of my hats is facilitating the Auckland chapter of Business Builders Group https://www.bbg.business/, a monthly business networking group that provides quality education as well as referral connections to our members and their guests. They have expressed interest in this topic. I'm also starting to look for other topics for next year, so if you're an Auckland-based speaker and have specialty knowledge on a topic you think would interest B2B business owners, I'll be interested to hear from you. It's a breakfast meeting and currently we meet in Ponsonby. #training #grouptraining #business #education #businessowners #offshore #virtualteams #managingteams

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