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The secrets & tips on how to generate more “Sales, Sales, Sales” with Tony Gattari, Odile Faludi & Rana Kordahi

Join us as we learn and discover the secrets and tips on how to generate more “Sales, Sales, Sales” with Tony Gattari, Odile Faludi and Rana Kordahi. They share their strategies on how to become a centre of influence and address the following:


Tony Gattari – 10 Irrefutable Laws of Sales Success

Odile Faludi – 10 Simple Tips for Effective Conservations in Uncertain Times

Rana Kordahi – How to Fall in Love with Selling




Tony has the ability to make the complex things simple. Tony Gattari’s Achievers Group has worked with over 220 businesses worldwide, and impacted over 200,000 people through his seminars, workshops, website, and newsletters. His business is focused on these 3 premises:


* Have fun with clients and team members. Life is too short to be miserable.

* Help people.

* Take the mystery out of business.





Odile’s skill is helping you acquire new customers by picking up the phone! She will share with us TEN simple tips for effective conservations in uncertain times!


* A kick-start to pick up the phone and start conversations

* A quick reminder of essential items that make up a great conversation

* An understanding of the key questions to ask





Top 10 Female Sales Coach in 2020 by Yahoo Finance

NLP Practitioner, Writer, TEDx Speaker


Rana Combines NLP, mindset, EQ and psychology to sales – into a powerful cocktail that helps you grow.


Her mission – to help you fall in love with selling!


Why? Because everyone sells.


Some takeouts from these top professionals and our collaborative thinktank will include:



1. Learning from the tip sales professionals on Australia

2. Strategies to help you

3. Avoid making cold calls

4. Fill your pipeline with leads and qualified prospects

5. Start creating a sale process and funnel

6. Get your perfect pitch

7. Understand your customers needs

8. Have resilience and determination when things get tough

9. How to be tenacious

10. Motivate you through burnout

11. How to turn walls into open doors

12. How to train, motivate and manage sales teams in starting client conversations


Watch the full forum playlist here.



Join us in learning, collaborating and growing.


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